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From Research Director Walter Bialas

From Research Director Walter Bialas

You may have already made the connection that this blog is an outgrowth of our annual magazine – Sixty by Eighty. It wasn’t long after we published our first issue that we realized because so many great events happen during the year, it was going to be simply impossible to recount everything in a single magazine and put them in proper perspective. Which is why we decided to launch the blog and continue the conversation; it gives us flexibility to touch events that are shaping our community and comment on them in real-time.

As the first blog post that connects to the magazine, I think it is important to step back to highlight why we have undertaken this effort. Last year we addressed the significant growth DFW has seen and will continue to see over the coming years. Our region has been blessed with a strong economic engine – due to its central location, low business and housing costs, and pro-growth environment supported by state and local initiatives. Since 2010, Dallas has become one of the top employment generators in the U.S., with more than 300,000 jobs added. What I think is really critical about our growth is its incredible diversity, covering health care, financial services, technology, and manufacturing. Today, close to 40 Fortune 1,000 companies call DFW home.

So how do we accommodate all of the growth? When you weigh the handful of challenges our region needs to address, it becomes clear that transportation is a key element. As I look at DFW’s recent history, we have been fortunate to have leadership that has consistently looked to the future. It is only in retrospect that we can see the value in many of these decisions and how they have positioned us for the growth we have seen and will continue to see. For example, the extensions to the North Tollway have made higher-density commercial and residential development, like Legacy, possible in our northern suburbs. Likewise, the building of the High-Five and expansion of LBJ Expressway will be a key redevelopment catalyst in this important close-in commercial corridor for the future. Even our DART system shows tremendous foresight. At a time when most communities are foregoing rail due to the expense, DFW has undertaken a long-term project that will pay dividends for decades as our community continues to grow.

We will release our second issue of Sixty by Eighty this summer where we will take a closer look at transportation in and around DFW. To request a copy, email

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