Chart of the Week: Where are DFW’s Newest Residents Coming From?

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By: Walter Bialas

JLL has been working hard to enhance what can be done with our GIS platform.

Analyst Stephen Lopez of our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team recently took national Census data and was able to chart out where those that had moved to Dallas-Fort Worth originated.  In some ways the results are common sense, but it is an excellent illustration to “tell the story” with a simple and clear graphic.

The next step, which is currently in progress, is to examine the folks that left DFW (why they’d ever do that I do not know) and the resulting “net migration.”  Ultimately, as JLL continues to enhance our GIS platform, we will be able to do this and more for any region in the US, although DFW really showcases its migration strength in this particular example.

To put the DFW net migration number in perspective, that number totaled 200,000 people between 2010 and 2013 or approximately 185 per day of net population gains.

DFW Migration Map 8.18.16

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