Inside the Project: Building a Building within a Building

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By JLL Project and Development Services

At JLL, we understand the importance and value in every square foot. We find new, creative solutions to optimizing the client’s space. 

AutoNation’s newest regional office provides us with a unique example. The company recently relocated their regional office, or service center, from a mid-rise in Las Colinas to a custom designed, retrofitted flex-industrial space in Irving.

“The dynamics of the physical workspace have changed,” said JLL Project and Development Services Senior Project Manager Steve Jarvis. “They want to have a more desirable work environment, to entice employees to want to be there. The move gave them the opportunity to create something new for their employees and elevate their work environment”.

AutoNation’s national office took a lead role in providing clear expectations on what they wanted to see in their new office, collecting input from the regional and district teams. The company emphasizes collaboration amongst their employees. In order to best accomplish this, they knew they had to optimize and maximize their space.

JLL’s Project and Development Services team worked with the landlord and crews to remove more than 20,000 square feet of failing slab and bring in over 200 yards of new soil to correct subsurface issues. 

Once that task was complete, the group had their next challenge: the leased area was 50,000 square feet and AutoNation needed 65,000.

A critical decision that needed to be made: they could take the remaining space or find another solution.

“AutoNation decided to build a building within a building,” said Jarvis.

In addition to managing the design and construction of ground floor improvements, JLL’s PDS team designed and constructed a 15,000 square foot mezzanine in the middle of the reconditioned office property. The 2nd floor of the structure houses training rooms and the solution opened space for other uses such as a large café and several conference rooms. The mezzanine also has an aesthetic use, it visually breaks up a very large space. 

“The very first day that people moved in, it was really neat to see how people got together and interacted,” said Jarvis. “There was now more opportunity for open collaboration and interaction whereas before the departments were separated in isolated and separated rooms. It’s a whole new environment.”








The concept and design is the first of its kind for AutoNation.

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