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Chart of the Week: DFW Office Rent Growth Cycles

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By  Walter Bialas

Our research team adapted a new way to highlight the multifamily rent growth over the last several years to provide a unique visual of our local office market.

What you see below is “annual” rent for Class A & B office space across our submarkets going back to 2000.  We colored the last few years so they would stand out against the backdrop of the prior years.  Interestingly, except for a… Read More

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Chart of the Week: Industrial Demand Driving DFW Land Prices

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By: Walter Bialas  Bialas, Walter new

Recently, we highlighted that the drivers of our industrial market are continuing to keep a strong pace. One additional area that this is impacting is land pricing.

While differences exist in location, access, size of the site, and improvements – pricing has been going up.  South Dallas, due to its emerging location, has recently seen rates hit $2.40 per… Read More

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The decline in oil prices, “bah humbug”…

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In the last few months, oil prices have declined significantly. At first, we barely noticed the shift beyond slightly lower prices at the pump. More recently, the slide has been pronounced as the benchmark West Texas Intermediate Crude (WTI) dropped from a 2014-high of $106 per barrel in June to $55.00 just last week.

While this is an important national topic, the concern here in Texas is palpable. To borrow from the… Read More

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Jeff Staubach: It’s Time to Ask Myself, #amiold?

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Last week I presented at our new hire orientation and told a story about sending a book to a client.  I got blank stares and a room full of confused faces, so I joked, “Books…it’s when a bunch of paper is bound together with a cover…you can buy them in stores.”

That’s when I realized that at 39 (not 40…yet), maybe I’m getting old.  These fresh-faced 20-somethings looked a little embarrassed for… Read More