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Chart of the Week: Dallas-Fort Worth GDP Outpacing National Average

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By: Walter Bialas Jobs

There is a lot of press about the impressive economic growth happening in Texas and Dallas-Fort Worth.  While we tend to focus on jobs as the bottom line, metro area Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is another metric that showcases our market.

Research Analyst Sam Wood pulled together the chart below that looked at GDP over the long-term.  Overall, the take away is that… Read More

Chart of the Week: Increase of Higher-Wage Jobs in Dallas Outpacing National Trends by a Wide Margin

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By: Walter Bialas

One common news story – and a criticism of our economic recovery – is that we are creating a preponderance of low-wage jobs.  Some have noted that it is easy to find work these days, but difficult to find a “good” job (aka. high paying), and that a large share of the jobs being created are in retail, health care (those are not doctors, in case you were wondering),… Read More