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The Power of Millennial Money: Balancing opportunity with cost of living

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By Walter Bialas

We’ve all been enjoying a robust economy over the last several years – especially in some of the larger markets around the US. In almost all areas, unemployment is extremely low.  The last time we saw national unemployment at its current level of 4.2% was in 2000. Job growth is high and working millennials (those aged 25 to 34 years old), who are now shaping our workforce, are in… Read More

Dispelling the Millennial Home Buying Myth

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By: JLL Dallas

The popular press continually advances the generational divide between Millennials and everyone else.  Portrayed at the scale of a geological shift, making cracks into canyons, the press enjoys illustrating that Millennials’ priorities get further from the standards of prior generations.

One topic that is often discussed is that Millennials are not home buyers.  Rather, they prefer to rent in the urban core so they can be close to work, friends,… Read More

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