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Attracting Top Tech Talent to Dallas

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By: JLL Dallas

While attending a recent presentation on DFW’s tech presence at the Dallas Regional Chamber, a question came to mind: “In terms of attracting and retaining tech talent, where does Dallas-Fort Worth stand?” San Francisco and Silicon Valley are synonymous with tech startups, software engineers, and venture capital funding, but what does the picture look like in other major metropolitan areas across the United States?

JLL Researcher Sam Wood, who has a master’s degree… Read More

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Jeff Staubach: It’s Time to Ask Myself, #amiold?

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Last week I presented at our new hire orientation and told a story about sending a book to a client.  I got blank stares and a room full of confused faces, so I joked, “Books…it’s when a bunch of paper is bound together with a cover…you can buy them in stores.”

That’s when I realized that at 39 (not 40…yet), maybe I’m getting old.  These fresh-faced 20-somethings looked a little embarrassed for me and whispers… Read More

We’re not in bubble territory

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JLL’s fourth annual High-Technology Office Outlook is a comprehensive study of one of the most innovative and dynamic industries in the United States, its impact on local economies, and the growth generated within the commercial real estate sector. This report highlights the various drivers that impact the growth and sustainability of the industry, the characteristics of 34 markets that have lent to the growth of local high-tech clusters, and the implications of this growth… Read More