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Trailing back: How JLL is using industry expertise to help breath renewed life into a Fort Worth community

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By David Berzina

One commonality of development across the US is that urban communities have “hot areas” and they have “cold areas.” Hot areas are the new shiny places to reside with new schools, new and exciting retail choices, new and smooth streets and thoughtful concepts mysterious and appealing to the eyes of all who live, work and visit in their midst.Read More

Chart of the Week: New Urban Core Apartments Performing Well; Remain at Healthy Lease-Up Rate

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By: Walter Bialas

We continue to watch our local multifamily development market.  Because construction is still near all-time highs, it is good to take its pulse from time to time to understand market momentum and direction.

Last year, we profiled the CBD and Uptown areas and looked at how the newer properties (those delivered after 2000) were performing – as well as how lease-up and rent were faring in the newest deliveries.  At… Read More

Fresh concepts in the urban core

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JLL's Mark Newman

JLL’s Mark Newman

Last October when Gables Residential announced that its new development in Uptown would be anchored by a Whole Foods Market, it probably surprised and thrilled the 20-somethings living in the trendy neighborhood. But it doesn’t take long to figure out why the Austin-based grocer would move into our urban core, engage street… Read More

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